PROMO: Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS) Electrical Worker – Canada, Arc Flash & Shock

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Developed for workers that perform energized electrical work. The overall course content was developed using industry accepted best practice standards as the under pinning in support of meeting Provincial or Federal regulatory due diligence for arc flash and shock.

ESTS Electrical Worker training is based on industry Standards and Regulation, providing documentation tools in support of the Employer’s overall Occupational Health & Safety Management System and an Electrical Safety Program.  Employers are required to have an updated Electrical Safety Program based on industry Standards and Regulations for workers to receive the most benefit from this course.

The ESTS Electrical Worker course is broken down into five sections for ease of use. Workers should self-pace themselves based on their understanding of the subject matter. All workers are encouraged to stop and start their course by saving their progress before exiting. At any time during the course workers can ask questions to an Instructor and follow along using a comprehensive Student Workbook as a training aid.

Students who score 80% or greater earn their training certificate and can apply for 0.6 Continuing Education Units (CEU's). Final assessment questions are fully randomized so Workers never have the same exact questions.

Learning Objectives for Qualified Electrical Workers

  • Explain the Regulations and Standards applicable to their role and responsibilities.
  • Identify and understand electrical hazards and risk assessment.
  • Effectively manage electrical hazards by following the Work Flow Process to safely execute energized electrical work.
  • Learn how to complete an Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Shock Risk Assessment as part of an overall Risk Assessment Procedure (RAP).
  • Apply preventive and protective control measures to reduce risk.
  • Understand electrical incident emergency response and incident reporting requirements

Blended Learning & Instructor-led Training

Consider using the ESTS Electrical Worker course as an effective prerequisite to Instructor-led training in a blended learning model. The follow up Instructor-led training session can focus on the application of the ESTS eLearning knowledge. Employers can use internal or external Trainers. We also offer “Train-the-Trainer” and “Train-the-Validator” courses. Visit our website for more information on how to maximize the effectiveness of your workers training, our Instructors will come to your site!

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​Developed for workers performing energized electrical work ​​using industry accepted best practice standards.
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